The Silver 5 Brass Quintet hails from Northern Virginia and features Don Witman and Mike Bellinger on trumpet, Jim Dunstan on French horn, Nate Simpson on trombone, and Bob Terio on tuba. It’s players have been music educators, professinal players, and/or conductors for a combined almost 150 years. The name “Silver 5” stems not from the color of the instruments they play, but rather the color of their hair, as all are now in the “silver” stage of life. The current members have been together for five years and all play with the Fairfax Wind Symphony. The Silver 5 (and its predecessor group the Braddock Brass) has been the “house band” as part of the Old Town Alexandria Christmas festival for more than a decade (“piping” Santa off his boat after his trip down the Potomac River), and have accompanied the Reston Chorale in its annual Christmas Sing-along at the Reston Town Center the day after Thanksgiving for nearly as long. The Silver 5 has played at weddings, band camps, and gives several concerts a year in the Northern Virginia area. The group will be featured as part of the Fairfax Wind Symphony’s holiday program at West Potomac High School on Sunday, December 15, 2019. The group’s repertoire includes everything from early Baroque classical, to original contemporary pieces for brass, to jazz, ragtime, and swing arrangements of familiar tunes, often pushing the limits of their instruments, but never pushing the limits of good taste. There is something for everyone in the audience at a Silver 5 concert, from the most sophisticated music lover, to just anyone who likes to tap their foot in time to good music.
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